01. Wendy (SMRookies) - Because I Love You
02. Hyorin - hello , goodbye
03. VIXX - Someday
04. Soyou X Junggigo - Some
05. WINNER - Missing You (Cover)

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Lay - 140819 ‘Celebrity Chef Has Arrived’s’ weibo update: “#就是明天!##海尔冰箱•星厨驾到#那尼?土豆丝要细到能穿针才可以!?还要现场驯服奶牛?节目组真是花样虐星厨们,好心疼[可怜] 不过@努力努力再努力x 看起来还是很享受比赛的~据说他还大方透露了独家中韩风味“张氏”烤肉的制作秘籍,酱紫高大上的会是什么呢?明晚江苏卫视,一起跟小骄傲学做菜吧~”

Translation: “#It is tomorrow!# #Celebrity Chef Has Arrived# What? Shredded potato must be thin enough to thread a needle!? And having to tame a milk cow live? The programme team really has a variety of ways to mess with celebrity chefs, how pitiful. But Zhang Yixing still appears to be enjoying the competition~ For example he magnanimously revealed a Korean-Chinese taste “Zhang-style” roasted meat secret recipe, what could this sort of greatness be? Tomorrow Jiangsu Satellite TV, come learn to cook with Little Pride~”

Credit: 江苏卫视广告营销部.

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jongin taking a kissing selca with the fans and cutely smiling afterwards


140819 "shopping at Gangnam for shooting "THE 태티서"~. Seohyun’s driving skill was too bad.. "

 cr : @TaeNy_Everyday /Trans by astrodice0130


sometimes, you gotta be bold.

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flawless girl group music videos: kara’s mamma mia