01. Wendy (SMRookies) - Because I Love You
02. Hyorin - hello , goodbye
03. VIXX - Someday
04. Soyou X Junggigo - Some
05. WINNER - Missing You (Cover)

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Title: The Best Luck

Artist: Chen

Album: It's Alright It's Love OST

Played: 10686 times

Jessica in Wild Romance

Q: Have you thought about wanting to quit SNSD?

I feel like the name of SNSD has gotten heavy, like a weight on my shoulders. Since we’re a team I feel that all the more. - Taeyeon

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a guide to got7 by tumblr user kimseokjins…. enjoy

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Jiyeon for Kwave Magazine July'14 | scan by 해미파  
Baekhyun taking Selcas

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